Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


Ugly Love is an annoying story that you just can’t put down until what you want to happen happens.The story is about two main characters, Miles and Tate. Tate is an adult in her twenties who is just moving in with her brother. She works and goes to school. On the first day moving in she encounters a drunk Miles. Miles is her new next door neighbor who is also a pilot like her brother. Even after helping him with his hangover Miles is stand-offish with Tate. For some reason Tate cant help but fall for him. After some sexual tension they decide to have a sex only relationship. but its harder than it sounds. Tate continues to fall in love with Miles. Miles continues to hide his past life and wont open up to Tate.

In my opinion I enjoyed the book. gave is 4/5 stars. Tate’s character was annoying at times. I closed the book most times because she said stupid stuff. I also like the dual point of views we got but it got to be long winded because i wanted Miles thoughts on the current time. In the end it was predictable shock but it was still sad and a cute story. A lot of sex scenes. Overall a good book.

Taylor Swift Shake it off










Watching for the second time Taylor Swifts Shake it Off video. This is not usually taylors sound it was definitely more pop than expected.  Glad to see her back to making music. I have the chorus stuck in my head a very cute song. I dont think it will have anthem appeal as her last hit “we are never ever ever getting back together” or “I knew you were trouble”. When it first appeared in my youtube timeline it showed a picture of taylor looking dope boy fresh lol. As the video progresses we see taylor in different looks from different dance styles such as ballet, hip hop,  and the ever popular twerking. She is attempting to dance each style but sucks at it. Thats the great think about americas sweetheart is that she is not afraid to make fun of herself and to be herself. She is also showing people that no matter who you are and what you like to do shake the hatters off the best way you know how. In the end taylor does it how she knows best just tosing it out. People have been hard on taylor lately and she is answering back with I dont care im going to shake you all off. Its so crazy that she usually expresses her feelings about an ex boyfriend but now she talking about the media in a fun way. Intially I thought that it didn’t sound like her vocally but whatever anything she makes is gold to me. She still hasn’t pulled a miley and thats all I can be grateful for. Putting this on my ipod asap. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Comment below your thoughts,

Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern


  In this crazy story we meet Amy and Matthew. Two quiet high school students, both because of disabilities.  Matthew has OCD and Amy has cerebral palsy. Amy has had Adult helpers in school. This year to get closer to her recent crush Matthew she convinces her parents to hire teen aids.  Her mother , Nicole,  has always been controlling but since Amy is going off to college soon, she thought it best. Nicole had her doubts about Matthew because he was different.
  Matthew lived in his world of OCD so much that he thought no one noticed.  Tapping lockers, hours in the bathroom,  and never speaking to anyone other than his family how could people not notice. Befriending Amy he learned that he hurt more people by avoiding his problems, than getting help. They became each others everything.  Amy helped him face his fears. Matthew helped her gain self confidence. They fell for each other in the best way. No one could have predicted what would happen at prom night or the events that followed.

I liked how the people in Amy’s life wanted her to have a normal teenage life and in the end they both did. Yet this story was crazy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  In the beginning I didn’t want to put it down but them Amy started to make no sense.  The part where the book should of ended it just continued. The book had a good foundation and the potential to be great but the ending just fell loose. Matthew was the best parts of the book. The voice in his head reminds me of everyones conflicts with themselves.  3 out of 5 stars.

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer


   Cinder is a charming Cinderella retelling story about a girl named Cinder. In this new and interesting and futuristic world humans are put far above cyborgs and androids.  People look at you different when your made of metal and electronics.  So as you can expect things are awful for Cinder being that shes part cyborg.  Somehow being different is not the worst of her problems.  She is owned by an evil step mother, Adri and her two daughters, Peony and Pearl. Out of the three Peony is not mean to Cinder. She is actually her best friend along with her android side kick Iko. Having a world of information right in her head Cinder has become a master mechanic.  So in a world of hover cars, Cinder finds herself a car and decides to build it and escape. Before she can leave Peony catches a disease and Cinder and the rest of family blame her for it. In an effort to find a cure  she finds out alot about her former self. Can she find a cure for Peony before she dies. At the same time hide her mechanics from Prince Kai who maybe falling for her.

When I heard what this book was about I was for sure there was no way that Marissa Meyer could rewrite a Cinderella story without it being annoyingly predictable.  I mean some parts were predictable but not from the beginning.  The world was warm and I found myself falling in love with all the characters. Even the bad guys weren’t usual. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. There was something missing for me. Kai was the best part for me. Also I cant believe the ending had a cliff hanger??!!! Im so glad I only had a wtf moment in the in the end. Im glad she wasnt a stupid character.  I think thats why people love this book because Marissa (she has the same name as me!) can make drama in the book without making the main protagonist seem like an idiot. Very enjoyable.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

my life next door


Our main character is Samantha. She has always done the same things her whole life. She has a mother in politics, a best friend over achiever, a sister who is a rebel, and neighbors she knows nothing about. Samantha always followed her mothers rules careful not to ruin her image as the senator. Be responsible, clean the house and don’t associate at all with the Garrets. Samantha tried to keep her distance from her next door neighbors but it was something about that big family that she had to observe. Watching them from a distance was like a movie. Nothing felt real until Jase Garret climbed up by her window.

Everything was changing in her life. Her mother once strong became different around her new man Clay. Her best friend Nan wasn’t available as usual. Her sister went away for the summer. On top of all that she was now dating Jase Garret. Something she was forbidden to do. Yet she couldn’t spending time with him and his family. The big family was something she never had yet, she loved the chaos. She did everything she could to be with Jase, but is that enough.

I gave this book 4/5 stars. The first 50 or so pages I was hooked but after that it just fell flat for me. It didn’t pick up until the last 100 pages of the book. This book seemed like such a bad movie that you can’t stop watching until you find out the ending. The best part of this book was Jase. I felt so bad for him. I’m glad he got a good ending. I just like the books ending. It was so unresolved to me. I wish Huntley would give them a different ending. I found the Samantha character kind of annoying, it took her too long to make any good choice. Jase was the perfect guy. The first time they had sex it was so cute and funny.

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Walk With Me by Kaitlyn Stone

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Timeline_Cover_doNotRename20Kaitlyn Stone
Contemporary New Adult

ks-walkwithme (257kb) (1)

What dictates the path in life we take and who we choose to walk with?

After escaping her abusive parents, nineteen-year-old Kenna Sloane is determined to create an independent life, free of emotional distraction. The last thing this focused college student wants is a relationship, especially with a hot rookie cop popular with the badge bunnies.

When Kenna reluctantly agrees to a double date with Santa Monica cop Donovan Alexander, she’s launched on an exciting and dangerous journey. With time, she discovers some souls are instinctively drawn together to quiet the pain of their traumatic pasts. But even after the revelation of Donovan’s own secret burden, Kenna continues to battle the fear she may be too broken for her modern day knight in blue.

5 star by tanya

 Book Review: We first meet the main character Kenna Sloane running from her past into the future,literally. 18 months later we find Kenna distant from her friends and working on her school and career. One evening she is introduced to Donovan Alexander. Donovan is this gorgeous cop with the presence that can drive confident Kenna nervous. Kenna has always done everything for herself since she ran away and had no plans of stopping. Its is just something about Donovan that makes her want to open herself up to him. The two go on adventures together that push them to trust each other. After almost loosing Donovan by putting up a wall Kenna learns that if she does not completely open up to Donovan she might loose him. Somehow taking the chance of being hurt seems like a worse idea than letting him leave. After unloading their baggage and their life onto one another they become a stronger couple. Being together mind, body, and soul can anything tear them apart?

    The romance between Kenna and Donovan was spectacular!! Kaitlyn stone has easily become one of my favorite romance writers. I can’t wait for her next installment. I had to give this book 5/5 stars. I honestly wish that they were a real life couple. I would marry Donovan if I could. I could read this book over and over again. There some parts of the book where I was like wtf is Kenna doing? I’m glad they never broke up because that would have tore my heart apart. That ending though…. really Kaitlyn did you have to do that to my emotions? I was close to tears on some fault in our stars type of way. I would suggest everyone read this book. There are some sex scenes so if you aren’t 18 please don’t read. A pleasure to read.

 5 star by candi 5 star by natalie Timeline_Cover_doNotRename46

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The Summer I turned pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han


5821978  The summer I turned pretty: Isabella aka belly had always gone down to Cousins every summer with her mother and her brother. They lived in a house near the beach with her mothers best friend, Susannah. The winter months just didn’t feel home. Being in cousins with Becks kids, (Beck is Susannah’s nick name) Conrad and Jeremiah felt complete. Even when the three boys were leaving her out things were perfect. Conrad was the oldest 2 years older than her and then there was Jeremiah who was only one year older but they always made her feel like the baby. Even though she was only related to her brother Steven they all felt like family. Her parents split at 8 but he hardly came before then. Beck’s husband came holiday weekend. Other than that it was just the six of them. This year belly would be turning 16 over the summer and she was determined not to be looked at like the baby. When she first got there she could feel weird glances from the boys. They even told her she looked different. Secretly belly had always loved Conrad, and Jeremiah would always be her best friend. She could tell him anything. This was going to be a great summer, or so she thought. Conrad started lashing out at her like never before. Jeremiah had this sadness in his eye at times. Can the boys tell belly the truth before her jealousy rips the family apart.

Jenny Han just gets teenagers. She knows how they behave and their little tendencies. I enjoyed this book  so much. I gave is 5/5 stars. I would suggest this book to anyone. Its a great summer book.


summer2Its not Summer Without You: After the death of Beck belly never could recover. The people she would normally talk to she couldn’t bring herself to call. After she and Conrad broke up at prom belly could not get over him. Then seeing him with his ex girlfriend at Becks funeral belly said some unforgivable words to Conrad. She knew she was wrong. She couldn’t move on like her best friend Taylor wanted her to. Then what could she say to Jeremiah. After Conrad disappeared from college it was up to her and Jeremiah to bring him home. Only thing about that was he was already home, at Cousins. Trying to earn forgiveness from both boys belly finally let Conrad go but did she find someone else instead?

I really didn’t like this book as much as the first because Belly made a lot of stupid choices. I’m team Jeremiah though all the way. Belly could never make up her mind over Conrad. Yet Jenny Han was flawless in writing the dramatic thoughts of a teenager. I like that we got a look into Jeremiahs brain. That was fun.The story line was amazing. I gave this book 4/5 stars.

Well-Always-Have-SummerWe’ll Always have Summer: After choosing Jeremiah, they dated for two years. She decided to attend the same school as him so that they could be together. Things couldn’t be better. Until one day at a frat party Belly overheard a girl bragging about having sex with her Jeremiah. After confessing the truth they took a break. How could she leave him they had history and they loved each other. In an effort to win her back Jeremiah proposed!! What the heck? Belly was only 19. No one was on board. They were too young. To get peace to plan the quick wedding Belly at the Cousins house with guess who, Conrad. All her old feeling were stirring up and so was his. Caught between two men she loved who was she going to choose.

The best book was the first one because belly kept making mistakes. I felt she choose wrong. I guess you cant help who you love. I like that this time we were inside of Conrad’s head. He made absolutely no sense. I gave this book 4/5 stars as well. Great writing. You just have to deal with teenage classic mistakes. Suggest everyone read.

The Sweetest spell by Suzanne Selfors



   The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors is about a girl named Emmeline. She was born with a birth curled foot because there was very little room in her mothers womb. In her town if you were born with a birth defect, your parents would give you up to die. Times were hard and if someone could not pull their weight, the family didn’t need an extra mouth to feed. So knowing Emmeline was disabled he sent the nurse to get rid of her in the forest, where they believed the animals would eat her the spirits would take her away. Only that didn’t happen. Four cows escaped from the dairy man came and stood over her all night and watched over her. Looking for the cows the dairy man brought her back to her family. People in the town believe she possessed black magic.

  Now that she had grown up into a teenager Emmeline tried to hold her own and stay out of her fathers way. It didn’t help that the cows from the dairy mans farm came to visit her everyday. She could talk to them because she believed they were there to protect her. Never the less she had to return them before she could start her chores for the day. Chores that took her longer than others because of her foot. She noticed the way people looked at her in town. They talked about her and did mean things to her. Yet she had a great outlook on life. She didn’t let it get her down. She wasn’t angry at her father who looked at her as a waste, after her mother died.

  The time was coming for the single women of the town to go bid for their husbands. It was a town tradition, and her favorite thing to watch. She like to see the girls fight over the single men. This year would be great because the catch of the town was up for bid. Everyone in town thought he was the best thing walking including himself and Emmeline. He was definitely a jerk, on her way to return the cows he was too busy looking in the mirror to notice her on the road. He fell off his horse and blamed her. But as cute as he was he wasn’t able to stop being captured by the king to fight in a “war”. Neither was Emmeline’s dad. He told her to find a job but who would hire her with her foot and black magic.

   Days later it continued to rain and Emmeline was depressed. She tried to keep up his farm but with the rain everything was washing away. Finally when the river flowed over it dragged her and her town and everything she ever knew away.


    Owen lived with his parent is a middle class town. His family owned cows for cream and milk for their store. One day one of the Cows went missing so he was sent to look for it. When he found it is was standing over a girl with red hair. She looked sick, and from the looks of it had been washed up the river. Knowing he shouldn’t help her because red hair was a clear sign of a dirt scratcher, he rode her home anyway. Surprisingly his family helped nurse he back to health. After his sister died his mother always wanted a girl to take after. Everyone was okay with except the cook nan.  Over the time that she spent with them Owen started to grow feeling for Emmeline even though her presence there was forbidden. He even helped her learn a talent that she had. Before he was able to help her get her father back, she was stolen in the night. Both of them went on two great adventures. Will they ever find each other again?


 I really enjoyed this book. I have never read fantasy before but I enjoyed it. There was a new level of mystery. I found myself in love with Owens character. He and Emmeline were both very strong characters. Emmeline refused to be a mistress in distress. I gave this book 5/5 stars just because I could not find nothing wrong with the book but it just wasn’t for me. I strongly suggest this book if you like love stories and adventure.




Switched at birth The image dissappears s03e16


Flash backs on this show are amazing.  Angelo seems to be recovering.  They are throwing out an idea that he might have tried suicide.  Worried about Angelo Daphne walks out the S.A.T test.

Omg Bay had a flash of herself having twins with Angelo there to support her. Right at the part where the father of her babies should be seen she wakes up. Who is there to wake her up Emmet!!!!

After reentering surgery we find out Angelo is brain dead. Basically Angelo is dead.  OMG!!!!

Everyone is turning on one another. Regina and Bay are fighting for him to stay even though all hopes are lost. After finding his will they found out he wanted to be let go. After test the cause of the accident was stress that led to something  worse. Now Daphne blames regina.

I cried so sad he died. I cant believe he died. Who was shocked???